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Before you order please read the following:

I only have examples up of dogs, but I can draw any animal; horses, cats, fish, birds, hamsters, lizards or any other creature that could be considered a pet! If you would like me to do a portrait of your pet find a picture (or two) that you think best shows your pets features. Then decide what background you would like for the portrait and e-mail me with the details. I can't tell you exactly how long the picture will take because every portrait is different, but I can e-mail you with updates on how the portrait is coming. I have a scanner so I can scan what I have done and e-mail it to you. Prices vary, I charge by the hour so if you are interested e-mail me and we can work out a rate. Remember, if I have a lot of orders your portrait may be put on hold until I have more free time, I prioritize on a first come first served basis.

Everything is shipped between two pieces of cardboard. Shipping costs are extra and I will e-mail you with the total. You can choose from two methods of shipping, the first is Express which can take 2-9 days to arrive in Canada and 6-9 days to arrive in the US, the cost is $4.75 for shipping to places in Canada, $8.70 for shipping to places in the US, and $15.60 for shipping internationally. The second method is Next Day the cost for this is $11.40 for shipping to places in Canada, $27.50 for shipping to places in the US, and finally $42.50 for international shipping. I recommend Express post because it only takes a couple of days (usually), it doesn't cost a whole lot and you can track your package to see where it is. If you decide to order something you can contact me through e-mail at the bottom of the page (, make sure that you include the identification number located above each picture and your mailing address. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask.

*If a picture shows up as a red X just hit your refresh button on your tool bar. This problem is more common with dial up internet access.*

All prices including shipping costs are in Canadian Dollars and ALL pictures are copyrighted.

"Cooey The Beagle"

This piece is done in pencil crayon.
30.1 x 22.6cm

"Freeway The Elkhound"

This piece is done in pen and ink.
28 x 12.6cm