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Before you order please read the following:

I have only customized one snowboard, but it was a huge success! The design is original and the paint job/clear coat has passed the test of durability. I know this because the snowboard below is mine and I speak from personal experience. When I first bought my board it was used and in decent shape, it didn't have the nice shiny clear coat finish on it that the new boards do and it had a few chips and scrapes on it. I was able to repair the body of the snowboard with auto filler and some careful sanding and used auto paint to create the new look. I took the board to an auto body shop where the clear coat was added, I must say that I'm pretty proud of the finished product.

If you want me to re-finish your board e-mail me about what you would like. I can draw just about anything including risqué pictures. Please keep in mind that it took about a month and a half to finish my board which is why I would recommend the summer months for this project (I don't want to take away any boarding time!). What I charge for this service varies greatly, it depends on how detailed the design is, how many colors you want to use and how much repair work needs to be done on the body of the snowboard. E-mail me with your ideas and we can work something out. Don't forget that in order for me to work on your board I have to have it either dropped off at my house (if you live near me) or mailed to my front door. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask.

*If a picture shows up as a red X just hit your refresh button on your tool bar. This problem is more common with dial up internet access.*

All prices including shipping costs are in Canadian Dollars and ALL pictures are copyrighted.

My Snowboard

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*View Two*

*View Three*

*End View One*

*End View Two*

*Detail of Fish*